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WARNING: Spoilers live in these pages!

SuperQuest Saga is a D&D 5E Actual-Play series where the folks from The Dungeoncast sit around the table and play Dungeons & Dragons. The campaign follows characters played by Brian, Your Special Guest Jake, and Friend of the Show Josh Freeland as they quest their way through the homebrew world of Drakken Star, created by Dungeon Master Will Stark.

Join the SuperQuest Heroes as they are ripped away from their world and taken on a galactic adventure far in their universe's future! Get ready for spaceships, galactic elven empires, laser guns, meteor cities, and energy swords! Check it out on Youtube or your favorite podcast app.

Episodes premiere every other Tuesday at 7:00 pm pacific on YouTube; podcast format drops after the premiere.

Community Guidelines

  • Be excellent to each other. This is a place for all who are fans of SuperQuest Saga or folks just starting to get interested in the show. Everyone should feel welcome here!
  • Credit art appropriately
  • To contribute, please sign in to an account
  • Please be thoughtful with your edits. Stick to the facts in the articles; fan-theories/head-canon/conspiracy theories belong in the comments or discussion sections.
  • No trolling, disrespectful/hateful speech, or spam allowed.
  • Have. Fun.

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