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Namulith lies in a neutral zone of space near nothing of particular note. It is a rocky earth-like orb with blue oceans, stretches of lush greenery, and deserts. The air is breathable except for in the thick jungles where a miasma cloud hovers. The miasma is thick, smoggy, and extremely caustic. [1]


The party ventures to Namulith following the footsteps of Dr. Zahn. Based on the dossier they received from Malidala it appears that Zahn was headed to some coordinates in the jungle in the Northern hemisphere of the planet. Persephone senses that this planet was once war-torn but has been healing. [2]


A towering black ziggurat made of Umbrium-infused stone is the only thing left standing of the orc city of Sarkomand. Zahn led a team to research and recover genetic material from the orcs, they build a lab nearby to study the structure.

Dr. Zahn's Laboratory[3]

An abandoned laboratory that was used to research orc artifacts. It's a modern structure connected to the ancient ziggurat by a walkway.

The party finds recordings left from the facility.

  • The first video is a set of security footage with Dr. Zahn and some soldiers leading a chained up group of a dragonborn, a tiefling, a genasi, a human, a human-looking person, and a goblin into the ziggurat.
  • The second video is time-stamped 2 hours after the first. A wounded Zahn with two soldiers, one carrying another wounded soldier and one carrying a dead solider, rush out of the ziggurat and Zahn seals the door.
  • The third video is footage of the lab, everyone is packing things and leaving.
  • There is a recording of a conversation between Zahn and Anaduir, Son of Jiandar. Zahn requests more time because he is close to a breakthrough. They haven't found suitable genetic material but they are close to cracking the final vault thanks to insight from the orc artifacts. Anaduir responds that Zahn was sent to find salvageable genetic info on "The Forsaken," not to research the artifacts. He give Zahn one month before he needs to join their allies who are almost done with the designs of the Egress Article.
  • A final recording is a personal recording from Zahn. He details how he has always been fascinated with the mysterious circumstances of the destruction of the orcs. Systematic annihilation has never taken place before or since in the Elven Empire, and all records have been destroyed, all trace of the race has been extinguished. He talks of a place called Sarkomand, an ancient orc city where they found a structure of a strange black stone and a scroll with Orcish runes that appear to be instructions. He notes that there is an area that seemed to be where religious sacrifices were conducted, and that the symbol of a god the orcs worshiped is prominently displayed. Nine is a prominent number, the Blood of the Nine, the Origin of The Nine, is key.

The Black Ziggurat [4]

The only original structure left from the city of Sarkomand. A large ziggurat made of Umbrium-infused stones.The unique properties of Umbrium seem to absorb light sources and turning them dim. Down the first set of stairs is an image of an eye surrounded by outward reaching tentacles, and more steps down. These steps lead down from the entrance into a tomb. The north and south walls of the tomb's hallway are lined with alcoves for coffins.

Above the alcoves are a series of murals. The start of the series depicts orcs with drums and pipes facing the west, this shifts to orcs with dead bodies on pikes also facing west, and towards the end of the hall the orcs are kneeling fearfully with their arms raised in prayer towards beams of light that lead to a final mural. The mural at the end of the hall shows an amorphous mass of thousands of teeth, thousands of eyes, and thousands of tentacles with these beams of light spreading from it. Underneath is a statue of a faceless, humanoid man on his knees with his arms outstretched.

When the statue is moved, a secret ladder is revealed. Down the ladder is a room with two ornate coffins, and a large 12' image of a door set into the wall. In front is a pedestal with a bowl decorated with jade and an Orcish rune that says "Blood." When Sebastian cuts his hand and drips some blood into the bowl, the impression of the door turns into an actual door and slides down into the ground revealing another room.

The blood door reveals a circular room with nine 4' tall, skinny pillars spread in a circle. Each pillar has a rounded top with a semicircular cleft as if meant to hold something. Each pillar is inscribed with an Orcish rune. Zael, Morad, Corel, Iome, Erat, Mior, Adeus, Malet, and Gruu. Upon further investigation, the party discovers this is a ritual sacrifice chamber used to summon something ancient and terrible.

Carter's Findings [5]

Some time after their time on Namulith, Carter learned the Comprehend Languages spell and was able to read photos of the previously indecipherable orc runes. He discovers that the orcs of that planet were undoubtedly in thrall of his patron, the symbol is everywhere. The ritual room was designed to bring together the Blood of the Nine to open a gate to the so-called "Promised Land." Carter does not share his findings with the group.

Egress Laboratories Research[6]

Dr. Zahn's research on the runes is found in Egress Laboratories on Manzecoor. His team was able to decipher the nine runes from the ritual room, with additional notes in Elvish script and Common.

  • Zael ---- Croneus ---- Angels/Aasimon
  • Morad ---- Arachenor ---- Dwarves
  • Corel ---- Arvandor ---- Elves
  • Iome ---- Asgorath ---- Dragons/Dragonborn
  • Erat ----Hestivar ---- Humans
  • Mior ---- Eronia ---- Elementals, Genies, Primals
  • Adeus ---- Nessus ---- Fiends/Tieflings
  • Malet ---- Clangor ---- Goblins/Hobgoblins/Bugbears
  • Gruu ---- Nishrek ---- Orcs


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