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The Manzecoor system is deep within Illithid Space.

It is a binary star system made up of a red dwarf and a white dwarf pulsar. There is only one planet in the system.


A rocky, craggy, desolate planetoid about the size of a moon.

The Sahandrian Wreckage

The remnants of the mighty Elven ship are strewn in a line extending three miles, the largest bulk of which lies at the end. The ship appears to be made of white wood, the remaining structure stands almost like a tree. The massive wooden shaft with three large plates branching off in three levels, and at its top a blue-green glass dome.

In the bridge of the ship are the bodies of Anaduir, Son of Jandar and others. The party discovers a map to Egress Laboratories, footage of an Illithid vessel shot and pulled into a portal, and a recording of the last message of Anaduir.[1]

Egress Laboratories

The lab is made of six domed structures connected by tubes with one pressure-locked entrance. This is the main base of operations for Dr. Zahn and his work on The Egress Article.

The lab is locked by retinal scanners but the party is able to enter because Primina has clearance. Inside, there is evidence of several projects; schematics for an experimental ships using Pulsar Dragon engines with the deconstructed corpse of a Pulsar Dragon, a research room dedicated to deciphering the orc runes from Namulith, experiments on Umbrium and umbral stones, and a room full of tanks with "proto-Primina." These are around a dozen humanoids that look very similar to Primina, except in varying stages of mutation.

A personal office, presumably Dr. Zahn's, has been completely cleared out. [2]


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