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Carter Huttenburg is a Human Warlock played by Brian.



Carter is a 5'8"-ish human man, his facial features look kind of hollow and haunted, as if he does not sleep well. He usually wears a nice three-piece suit. His hair is long, wavy and parted to the right. He's a handsome, well-to-do, well-dressed individual. [1]

Post-time travel he keeps his three-piece suits, but his look becomes more disheveled. [2]

In "The Return" Carter's appearance changes yet again. His clothes are the same but dingy, nasty, tattered and punctured in some places. Small tentacles are coming out of his thigh and calf area, his face is hollow and emaciated, even more so than before. He is undead.[3]


Carter is incredibly charismatic, speaking to others very formally in a Southern accent. He presents a charming and polite facade that hides his mistrust and disdain for those around him. He often uses his mage hand to take care of menial tasks such as brushing things out of his path while walking and grabbing things out of reach. He does not like heat. [4]

He is prone to doing things without telling his teammates. He often tries to manipulate others and situations to his advantage. He will only divulge as much information as he feels is necessary to keep his cover. He is very condescending but tries to hide it behind his charming exterior. He has alcoholic tendencies.


In "Old World" Carter was known locally as a sage, although the local people had tended to avoid consulting with him by the start of the show. [5]

The Story

At The Blue Eden Diner, Carter shares his story with the party.

He grew up in a small town with a strict mother and a father who was usually very busy with his studies. Carter's father made sure that Carter became studious as well.

The family inherited some money and the shift in economic status resulted in Carter being treated like a noble. He was enrolled in private schools where he studied history and the arcane. Carter became exactly what was expected of a young man of his status.

One day in his 3rd year of upper classes, Carter returned home and his parents were gone. No one saw them leave, there was no evidence of where they went. They had simply vanished. Carter used his inheritance to finish his studies, and eventually enlisted in service of the king. [6]

Sebastian is able to discern that this story is not the entire truth, but none of the group question Carter about it. The truth behind Carter's backstory is revealed in his audio diaries "Memoirs of Carter Huttenburg."

Warlock Patron

Carter is a Great Old One Warlock who took the Pact of the Tome. His patron is yet to be named on the show but is confirmed to be Azathoth. [7]

Warlock Powers

Carter's powers have a very Lovecraftian flavor to them. His Eldritch Blast is summoned by a snap of his fingers that rips a tear into reality and fires a yellowish-white beam of light. [8]

Carter's spellcasting focus takes the form of a little box. It looks like the key from The Mummy that opens the coffin but it fits in the palm of his hand. It is the size of a fifty-cent piece. There is a latch on the side that opens the top and the magic comes from inside.[9] Carter has a Book of Shadows that contains his spell list. This book originally belonged to his father and Carter continues the writings of madness where his father left off. [10]


Nyarlathotep serves as the liaison between Carter and their patron. He appears during the Interludes in dream sequences and provides Carter with messages and instructions from their patron. They have a rivalry and play mind games with one another.

During their first meeting, Nyarlathotep appears to Carter as a large, humanoid monstrosity. Over the course of their conversation he shifts into the dark silhouette of a bald human in robes, with two glowing eyes. He introduces himself as "...The Faceless God, The Stalker Among the Stars, The Man In Black, I am Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos." [11]

Carter's Madness

As time goes on Carter slowly becomes more crazy and paranoid until he finally breaks in The Betrayal. When he becomes a level 3 warlock and takes the Pact of the Tome, he no longer needs to sleep and begins to drink heavily. [12]

When the party takes a member of a bounty hunting guild captive, Carter abruptly murders him in the middle of an interrogation by shooting him with an Eldritch Blast in the head. The party starts to bicker and Victoria tells him to clear it with her before killing people on her ship. [13]

Carter starts to become increasingly paranoid as time passes, especially after discovering the bounty on Sebastian and Primina. He becomes irritated when the group does not stay together and he constantly checks his bracer jack for updates. [14]

His grasp on time begins to slip and, because he does not sleep, Carter sometimes bothers his teammates in the middle of the night. [15]

The party starts to notice his weird behavior and decide to keep a watch on him after Carter questions a transmission sent by Sebastian even though he was present for the discussion to send it. He begins to run extra diagnostics on The Brunhilde's computer, doubling up on scans and researching back-doors to adjust the computer programming. [16] Primina and Percy find him standing on the ceiling of the hallway in the middle of the night. He claims to be "an owl in the night" and then walks away. When Persephone reports this odd behavior to Sebastian, Primina adds that she swears he is spying on her. [17]

As the party approaches Manzecoor-1, Carter starts to have more intense visions of the game he played with Nyarlathotep in the Waffle House. He interprets these visions as a sign that he is on the right path. [18] After Watt warns them that illithids are approaching Egress Laboratories while the party is inside, Carter receives another vision of the same game. His pieces are surrounded and Nyarlathotep has an opportunity to turn the spy piece into a double agent, this prompts Carter to betray the party. [19]

Memoirs of Carter Huttenburg

Starting with episode 18 (Starworm City) the beginning of the episode is interrupted with a transmission from Carter to the audience. He uses these recordings to reveal his true feelings towards his party members and share his backstory. These audios break the 4th wall, with Carter speaking directly to the "you" of the audience.

Episode No. Summary
18 Carter introduces himself and announces to the audience that he will be broadcasting regularly.
19 Carter trash talks The Blue Eden Diner and expresses annoyance with Victoria for reminding him of his backstory. He seems excited to work with Malidala to find out more information about the Illithid Empire.
20 Carter explains that he and "his two bodyguards" are participating in the Blood Gala Tournament and seems to be excited to lean into his talent for showmanship. He reveals his parents never understood his "artistic impulses." He is confident Stranger Things will be victorious.
21 Carter finds he isn't able to revel in the party's Blood Gala victory as much as he wants. He's becoming distracted by the feeling of being watched.
22 Carter angrily vents about a conversation with Nyarlathotep. He concludes it's time to get back to his mission.
23 Carter considers their time on Zovra a total loss. He delights in the idea of torturing their lizardfolk captive for information before killing him in the name of their quest for Zahn. He remarks that Namulith sounds like an interesting place.
24 In a pre-recorded message titled "Memoirs of Carter Huttenburg" Carter details the abuse he suffered at the hands of his manipulative yet erratic parents. He notes that the servants moved like shadows and did not seem to care about his situation. His parents would host guests, and soon these guests started arriving on the same night and in larger groups. Young Carter became curious about these gatherings and one night was able to sneak down to see. What he saw changed everything.
25 Carter has managed to sneak away from the party for a moment to update the listener on what he's found. He expresses concern that nothing on this trip has triggered Primina's powers or jogged her memories. He's not entirely sure what his patron expects of him when/if they find Zahn, but he knows there's something in the black ziggurat that sends chills up his spine. He's close.
26 Carter reads out stats he has collected on Sebastian. He comments that the half-orc is useful despite his tendency to stand out. Carter notes that he has a bad feeling, he's starting to lose track of time. He thought that you can't get nightmares if you don't sleep, but he sees something inky and fuzzy on the edges of his vision. The transmission is interrupted by a deep scream, and Carter orders diagnostic testing on the mysterious sound.
27 Carter reads out stats he has collected on Persephone. He finds her wildly naive and does not like "playing the babysitter" to her so she does not blow their cover. Despite this he does acknowledge that Persephone is useful, especially since she has been working on unlocking Primina's power set. Carter also talks about how he's been looking at the ship's computers lately and marvels at how similar it is to seeing a person's brain written out. How easy it is to nudge and manipulate someone.
28 Another recording of "Memoirs of Carter Huttenburg" that picks up where the previous one left off. When Carter looked into his father's study he saw nothing and no one even though the door was locked from the inside. Instead, he heard a distant and dissonant sound. He closed his eyes and listened until he was interrupted by his father's voice. He hurried to his chambers before he was seen and as such did not see where his father had come from. Carter's curiosity led him to continue to spy on his father and the guests whenever possible, the music always brought him back despite the consequences if he were ever caught. The music that almost sounded like strings. The music began to consume him, he would hum it to himself, he would hear it in his mind, he would hum instead of sleeping, and he would make excuses when people started noticing the effects of his insomnia. Then one day he slipped and hummed the tune at dinner in front of his parents. His father recognized it and took Carter into his study...
29 "Memoirs of Carter Huttenburg" continue... In the study Carter's father picked up a violin, and even though Carter had never seen him play an instrument before he began to play that same tune. He played until the bookshelves rattled and glass in the room seemed about to shatter, and then reality started to warp. Slowly it peeled away until there was nothing left but Carter, his mother, and his father. It was the first time they had been alone together just the three of them in a long while, and it would be the last.
30 "Memoirs of Carter Huttenburg" continue... Carter's father left with no explanation. Carter saw shapes and felt a change in the atmosphere so turned to his mother, but she was not there. Instead was a man wearing strange clothes, an ancient looking man. He asked if Carter is scared. He asked where Carter's parents are. He told Carter he is special. He can grant Carter power, but power has a price. He asked if Carter is interested. Naturally, Carter said yes. Suddenly the floor turned into a void. Carter saw his parents floating in the space. The man changed, his features shifted into those of many men, he became an amorphous, crawling mass. He told Carter to call him whatever he pleases, he is known by countless names. He ordered Carter to convene with Nyarlathotep.
31 Carter hopes the audience is enjoying his story. It's a story he won't tell anyone else. He considers the listeners to be his closest friends, faithful companions who are always there. He gives the listeners a piece of advice..."All things end."
32 "Memoirs of Carter Huttenburg" continue... Carter pushed first his father into the void, then his mother, and they are ripped to shreds in the festering soup. Nyarlathotep examines the remains, and yells in Deep Speech. He called to the other followers of their Patron, and once they arrived, their Patron was summoned. At this point in the recording, Carter starts to ramble and Sebastian knocks on his door. Carter chokes and coughs, threatening Sebastian and firing Eldritch Blasts at him. Sebastian swears at him and leaves. Carter recomposes himself and says that Sebastian does not know what lies in wait, none of the party does, but when they see it...
33 There is no transmission, the file appears to be corrupted. Instead, there is an error message and repair protocols begin. A computer voice says "I have seen the void." Repairs are not possible, but the computer successfully quarantines the corrupted file and closes communications on this channel.



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